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Susan's Favorite Links

Political Thoughts

Huffington Post The news that the Mainstream Media doesn't always tell you about, and bloggers comments on it.
Daily Kos This blog of politics and life almost always has something interesting.

Progressive Democrats of America This group seems to taking a sensible and achievable road to political recovery for the Democratic Party. I hope!

Living Room Think Tank I maintain this page about progressive politics and recently added pages about health and environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottle Overload

Do you eat or drink anything from cans or plastic bottles? You may want to know how to protect against BPA (Bisphenol-A).


Trillium Organics The woman behind this company is a Nordic Amazon, and she makes wonderful all natural skin products, which I use and wholly recommend.

Lunapads Pads, sea sponges, and other menstrual products by a women-owned company.

Jade and Pearl A woman-owned company that has natural body products and a Moon Maiden kit for girls who have just begun to menstruate. Be sure to give them a Lunar Phase Card to go with it!

Books or 'zines

National Geographic Fun animal videos, a kid's section, beautiful photographs you can download in big wallpaper size for your desktop here, and people's stories from around the world.

 New Moon Magazine A magazine for girls and their dreams. Their focus encourages girls to maintain a strong and positive self image as they transform into young women.

Yoni - women's zine by and about maidens, mothers and crones.
Check out the beautiful Vulva Puppets hand-made by Dorrie Lane.

"A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend" This book looks like a fun introduction to goddesses. I admit I haven't read it yet (lame, I know), tell me if you think it is good.

Cool Calendars

We'Moon Calendars A diverse collection of women have been creating this day planner for many years. It has lunar and astrological information, plus fine artwork and inspirational words. They also have a standard wall calendar, which shows every day's lunar phase. I make a smaller version of my LPC which goes near the back of their day planner.

Calendar Zone Lists many types of calendars online and off.

Gardening by the Moon Calendar This is available for several different planting zones.

Goddess Inspired Art

Sacred Source - statuettes of over 300 goddesses and deities from around the world.

Goddess paintings by Sandra M. Stanton: This artist uses her friends as models so her goddesses look very real. She has also done a lot of research and soul-searching about each Goddess, and sells affordable laser prints of her striking sacred images.

Goddess sculpture by Carolyn Whitehorn - a beautiful website by a craftswoman I have known for 20 years on the festival circuit, and she was there even before me. A website of craftswomen, many of whom sell their wares at women's music festivals. Now you can see their work and shop even if you can't get to the festivals.

Goddess Spirituality

Tara's Sheela-na-gig website - all about this celtic Goddess of Gateways.

The Lilith Shrine ever hear about the first woman before Eve who refused to be submissive to Adam? " your typical neopagan, she is a goddess, to a feminist jew, she is a role model as the first uppity jewish woman." The author of this website is part of the Jewish Pagan Webring.

Spiral Goddess Grove by Abby Willowroot - a gigantic goddess site with lots of sacred groves on many goddesses, & one for the green man. a non-denominational ministry that seeks to familiarize people with the Feminine Faces of God. This website is a good introduction to the Feminine Divine.


Second Life A virtual world community created by the users. First you create your avatar and then people go on to build landscapes, houses, art galleries, models of ancient cities, anything you can imagine. Membership is free, but you need a good computer. Many languages are spoken, and there are many clubs and interest groups.

For Cat & Goddess lovers: Guide to Unique Names for Your Mysterious Feline Friend, Collected from the Mythologies of Various World Cultures.

Volcano website: here's a really hot site, heh, heh.

Star Trek: WWW OK- I admit I'm a bit of a trekkie.


Encyclopedia Mythica 5000 articles, 300 illustrations, on topics such as Arthurian legend,& "mythology"[religion] of Aztec, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Haitian, Hindu, Japanese, Latvian, Mayan,... and that's just half the alphabet.

Myths and Legends a site even more comprhensive and multicultural... this one has all the stories online for you to read.

Gods, Goddesses & Myths This site has info on Amazons in Greek Mythology, Camelot & Arthurian Legend, The Bestiary, Celtic Deities and Myths, &Voodoo

Diotima Resources for studying Women and Gender in the Ancient World. This is pretty academic, but I thought it might be of interest to some of you.

Outer Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive These outer space images are very beautiful (some quite large). Each is explained by an astromomer.

Earth at Night is fascinating. Human-made lights highlight all the highly populated areas of the planet. This view is a composite of hundreds of pictures made by orbiting meteorological satellites. It is worth the time to click for the largest resolution picture and then scroll around the world!

Eclipse Home Page Fred Espenak (of NASA) has the most complete eclipse info, both for Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

The Moon

Lunar Phase Tables 6000 years of lunar phases, courtesy of NASA.

The Nine Planets


Lavendise is a fabuloso fairy site

Tarot - free tarot readings with several decks, amazing that this works online! Articles about gardening,tarot, herbs; Book of Shadows with spells, recipes, basic beliefs, traditions: A forum, pagan greetings, free email accounts.

Stardancer's Wheel of the Year - she is collecting invocations to the directions (East,South,etc) if you care to add any.

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